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Yucca Valley, CA
Thank you so much, Dear Kerry, for speaking at our Center! It was wonderful!! Please come and visit us again real soon. Your work is amazing and the world is a better place because of YOU! We are so blessed with your presence, GOD bless you! Karin

Rancho Mirage, CA
Hi Kerry, We all enjoyed your presentation Enchanted Valley Palm Springs and Beyond. My husband, also a Vietnam Veteran started reading your book when he said, it is really well written. So I will read it when he is done. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of our beautiful area. Sincerely, Maryan

San Francisco, CA
Kerry led a fascinating tour! He was able to make me appreciate the desert more than ever. Like any good tour guide, you can tell he really loves where he’s from and sharing it with others.

Elk Grove, CA
We took a tour with Kerry during our stay at Two Bunch Palms resort on 4/23/24 and it was fascinating. Kerry is a wonderful guide and fantastic and engaging storyteller. His binder full of facts, diagram and pictures is a great complement to the stories and information he shares. I know so much more about this region than I did before the tour. Thanks Kerry for a great experience.

Los Angeles, CA
Loved the tour! So great to hear from a passionate naturalist about the land, history and animals. Highly, highly recommend.

Chicago, IL
We took a tour with Kerry from our resort at Two Bunch Palms and enjoyed ourselves tremendously! He has such a passion and knowledge for the surrounding ares it was contagious! A highlight was him pointing out owl scat and looking straight up to two beautiful owls sitting in the tree above. Thanks Kerry! Katie W.

Hermosa Beach, CA
My friend and I took a tour of The Living Desert last week and one can readily see and understand why Kerry is called a Certified Interpretive Guide, as he is truly a professional. His knowledge and passion for his subject matter is unsurpassed and redly apparent from the moment you meet him. I would suggest that any visit to The Living Desert include a tour with Kerry. I now plan to sign up for Kerrys Desert Discovery Lecture Series, as I know it will be extremely interesting and informative. Continued success Kerry. John C.

Seabrook, TX
A friend, my wife and I were fortunate enough to be offered a tour with Kerry Berman. This was a fun, and informative experience. Kerry is very apt at mixing scientific, historic, and oddly amusing facts about Desert Hot Springs, Two Bunch Palms resort and the general area during our walk. His energy, wit, and speech pattern conjured up the image of Al Pacino! I will certainly book another tour with Kerry upon our next visit. Arnaud L.

Woodland Hills, CA
I had the pleasure of participating in Kerrys nature walk activity during my stay at Two Bunch Palms resort in Desert Hot Springs. I almost skipped this activity assuming it would be about the plants and property, which would have been interesting in and of itself, but I would have preferred to be spending my limited time in the thermal mineral pools instead. Boy was I glad we decided to give this nature walk a try! Kerry is full of personaltiy and extremely knowledgeable about the entire Desert Hot Springs area, namely the history of the area, the biodiversity, the geologic formations,, the controversy (Al Capone), and the reasons why the area is considered so unique in the entire world. We learned so much and thoroughly enjoyed every single minute. If you are staying at Two Bunch Palms resort, do yourself a favor and sign up for this nature walk. I guarantee you will be recommending this to your friends and family! Suzzane C.

Thousand Oaks, CA
I’m thrilled we had the opportunity to join Kerry for the guided nature walk at Two Bunch Palms! It surpassed my expectations, being both entertaining and highly informative. Kerry’s extensive knowledge of Desert Palm Springs and the surrounding areas is truly impressive. Meeting him is a must-do when staying at Two Bunch Palms!

Indio, CA
Hello Kerry, You have received rave reviews. Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation. Your knowledge of our valley is impressive and your enthusiasm for your subject infectious. If you are willing we would like to have you back. Again, Thank you Alicia and Heritage Palms community

Palm Springs, CA
Kerry You gave a magnificent presentation. I am so PROUD of you. I am so glad that you have made the Coachella Valley your home. You were so accurate with the data. The pictures were so good. Best of all is your enthusiasm for the enchanted valley. It is so obvious that you love this place and what you do to share it with everyone. I love your sense of humor. It was such a good idea to start at the high desert and move to the Salton Sea. The joy in what you do spread to the entire audience. Every book was sold and there was still a wish that there were more. It is very kind that you share the profits with two such wonderful organizations. Everytime I hear your presentation, it is better than the time before. I can hardly wait to see you and hear your next presentation. Thanks for a delightful afternoon. Kittie Kieley Hayes, Palm Springs Native, Teacher and great grandaughter of Nellie and Dr. Coffman

La Quinta, CA
Hi Kerry, Thank you for a great day on the Desert Discovery Tour.! Everyone was complimentary and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was also moved by your Never Give Up Poem. Could you send me that verse? It really spoke to me. Your book sold like hotcakes! Cant wait to get more. Best, Linda

Altadena, CA
We had a delightful time with Kerry. He’s engaging and knowledgeable and clearly loves what he does. If you get the chance to take a tour with him, we highly recommend it!

Long Beach, CA
Visited the Two Bunch Palms Resort in Desert Hot Springs. I did the Tuesday morning nature tour and it was very enjoyable. Kerry was great at sharing the history of the Resort & the land dating back to the Jurassic period. His passion for the Palm Desert Area is infectious; and it really makes you appreciate the majesty of Palm Springs & the surrounding areas. I highly recommend a Kerry Berman tour!

San Pedro, CA
I had a wonderful time learning and listening to Kerry on his guided nature walk. He is so knowledgeable, easy to listen to, and a great story teller. Definitely knows his history and the landscape. I plan to join him again soon for another walk later in the Spring.. Not only a man that knows his stuff, but he is also a great humanitarian. Thanks Kerry for the awesome experience at 2 Bunch! Jon

Los Angeles, CA
Hi Kerry, Great information the other day about Two Bunch Palms. We have been coming there for 40 years and didnt know anything until our walk. Sempar Fi Bud, Geo LOVE and LIGHT

Yucca Valley, CA
Well, you certainly made the day with your attendance at the meeting, Kerry! Your generosity added a thousand bucks to the Humane Societys coffers. Thank you on behalf of A.C.T. and the no-kill shelter based in Joshua Tree. Your act of kindness has motivated me to stage future auctions, all for a good cause. Bless you! Steve, Lalo and the gang

Santa Monica , CA
Absolutely, fabulous guided walk with Kerry in the beautiful scenery around two bunch palms. Kerry imparted an amazing amount of historic, geographical and social history information that really helped provide important context. The balance of informality and thoughtful reflection on the history of the area was brilliantly achieved with very sensitive explanations as to the inequalities experienced by so many of the native f population.

Yucca Valley, CA
Hi Kerry, I posted this on Instangram: Hug a tree (palm)! And a big hug to Kerry Berman for an awesome native walk and learning about our native palms at Two Bunch Palms. Interpretive guide #kerryberman.com is an historical expert on desert discovery tours for locals & visitors. Comprehensive, enjoyable, so informative, fun and Kerry is a walking book - speaking of, Kerrys book, Enchanted Valley, a treasure of places to visit within 60 minutes of Palm Springs available at #californiawelcome center. Blessings, Linda

Beverly Hills, CA
We enjoyed our history walk with Kerry today at Two Bunch Palms where we learned all about the history of the property and all the surrounding areas. Kerry was very knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor! He makes learning fun. Highly recommend booking a tour with him!

Sherman Oaks, CA
Kerry, We had a wonderful morning with you and everyone thoroughly enjoyed you and all your amazing information you gave to us. D.

Los Angeles, CA
Very educational tour.

Rockport, MA
Kerry is a gem!

Boston, MA
Had a great time on our Two Bunch walking tour. Loved the actual history. Thanks so much!!

Boston, MA
What an amazing person Kerry is. I learned so much from him. Very UNIQUE experience.

Seattle, WA
Kerry led a very interesting nature tour at Two Bunch Palms that made a big difference in how I saw and appreciated my surroundings there.

Palm Desert, CA
Outstanding lecture at Rancho Mirage Library Kerry, Your lecture at the RM LIBRARY on Tuesday was outstanding. I especially liked your closing--poem or quotation Dont Quit Now, was perfect. I have volunteered at the Living Desert for 20 years. My mom was in the first docent class around 1973-74. So I have watched it develop over all these years including attending the opening of Eagle Canyon. That was a big deal. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge about our valley. Sharon

Los Angeles, CA
OMG what a fantastic, enjoyable Nature Walk. Kerry is so knowledgeable - will do it again next time at Two Bunch Palms.

Tarzana, CA
Kerry was so informative and so full Of such interesting information he made our nature hike so enjoyable. Could have listened to him for ages

Agoura hills, CA
Kerry was amazing so informative unbelievable information stored in his head ! Gave us all the answers to our questions we had been thinking about Two bunch palms and more . Enjoyed meeting him Thank you

Palm Springs, CA
Thank you Kerry Berman for donating part of the proceeds from your new travel guide to Oswit Land Trust and the Palm Springs Historical Society. We are already receiving funding from the sale of your new book! Enchanted Valley Palm Springs & Beyond. Its a great travel guide that gives you new ideas on your next visit to the Coachella Valley, or when friends and family are visiting and your are looking for something to do.... All within 60 minutes of Palm Springs. You can purchase the book on Amazon.

Santa Clarita, CA
The nature walk with Kerry was by far the best activity we enjoyed at Two Bunch. Kerry is not only incredibly knowledgeable about the history of the area, but also knows everything there is to know about the local plants, trees, animals, and environment. And to top it all off, his friendly and fun personality and great sense of humor made it all the more enjoyable. A hour very well spent. Thanks so much Kerry!

Yucca Valley, CA
Kerry, What a blessing & gratitude for your inviting me to be a part of such an informative & fun walk. Your knowledge, humor, wisdom, & passion shines through. I feel refreshed from being on the land and getting a Birds Eye view of the Resort! You inspired me to appreciate our magical desert even more & know the history of Two Bunch Palms. My kudos to TBP for having you on board their team. Thank you for making this an experience....that could be extended to 2 hours for sure. Linda

Calgary, Alberta Canada, AK
Hi Kerry, We were on a Friends of The Desert Mountain hike with you and loved it. Pobably the most informaive trip weve taken in quite some time. So a tremendous Thank You as I can see you put a lot of effort into it and thats not easy. Were down in Palm Springs every year and hope to gather some friends and book your tour in the future. I know it will be great. Thanks again, Derek & Kris

Palm Desert , CA
I experienced Kerry Berman’s desert outdoor walking tour, strolling past history, flora, and wildlife. What an informed walk through Two Bunch Palms Spa Resort history, including the interaction between architecture, water, humans, and nature that speaks the low desert narrative. Kerry has a connection to the desert that is personal, from walking and looking and listening to that arid environment for enough time that it sinks in. He is involved with organizations all over the Coachella Valley, I plan to attend more presentations with Kerry, and I hope the readers considers the same! MJ

Desert Hot Springs, CA
Dear Kerry, Don and I absolutely love your beautiful book. (Enchanted Valley Palm Springs and Beyond). It is so readable and the colored pictures lend so much to it. It makes us want to go to all thoses places, even the ones we have been to. Thank you so much. Don & Sally

Desert Hot Springs, CA
Yesterday I received Kerry Bermans new book ENCHANTED VALLEY. Because of my love for the beauty of the Coachella Valley, I discovered that I have been to every location that he wrote about, except Salvation Mountain. The joy of reading the book last night was finding out so many fun facts that I did not know. Now I have a wonderful reference book with beautiful color photographs to share with friends and family who visit and are looking for things to do. Thanks, Kerry.

mill valley, CA
We visited Two Bunch Palms recently and had the distinct pleasure of taking a tour of the property with Kerry. He is a wonderful soul and a passionate story teller. As promised, we learned more about Two Bunch Palms and the area in general than we ever could have imagined. We look forward to visiting again!

Carlsbad , CA
This was a great way to learn about Two Bunch Palms- I appreciate the resort so much more after attending Kerry Bermans nature walk! He is so knowledgeable, great sense of humor. Was a fun and informative hour! Would highly recommend!

Lafayette, CO
The tour was so informative. We really enjoyed it!

Palm Springs, CA
Kerry, Thank you again for the generous donation of your time and knowledge. We all thoroughly enjoyed your presentation (Journey of Water in Our Desert). Please let me know when your new books (Enchanted Valley Palms Springs & Beyond) are available, I would like to sell them in our little bookshop heare at the Adobe. I hope you have a wonderful summer, and stay cool! R. Watson

Ventura, CA
Kerry was very knowledgeable and had a working photo book that added an extra visual piece to his tour. He was very friendly and entertaining as well. I would most definitely book him again as a guide on our next Palm Springs trip.

Los Angeles, CA
I very much enjoyed our tour with Kerry Berman. He took us to the San Andreas fault, where we could see anticlines, fault gouge, metamorphic rocks, and sag ponds and the palm, mesquite, and willow oases that grow in them and along the fault where water concentrates. He took us into and by resorts with great vistas where he could point a lot of these features out and described Cabot Yetxas find of hot springs on one side of the fault and cold springs not far away on the other side, giving birth to the Desert Hot Springs resorts (and excellent local water). He talked about Cahuilla history and resource use and the impacts and changes brought about with American occupation. He took the opportunity to debunk a common local myth that Al Capone was active in Palm Springs during Prohibition. In addition to this informative and interesting general tour, Kerry happily responded to our specific interests in botany, biogeography, and ecology, drawing on a depth of knowledge and curiosity about this landscape he obviously loves so well. Highly recommended!

Redding, CA
Our general tour of the Desert Hot Springs-Palm Springs area was great. Kerry has an impressive range of knowledge about the Coachella Valley and imparts it in an engaging way. We learned history and geology, as well as the natural history of the region. Kerry brought the landscape to life. He also tailored the tour to our interests. Highly recommended!

Yucca Valley, CA
Good Morning Kerry, Weeks have gone by since our trip to Borrego Springs & the Salton Sea, and I am ashamed I havent written a note of appreciation before now. Kerry, you were instrumental in all of the rave reviews we received from participants following the tour. Simply great were you and your observations throughout the day. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Warm regards, Steve

Vancouver, WA
Fantastic tour full of information on the local nature and geology. Kerry went above AND beyond to make our tour a fantastic, enjoyable experience. Thanks Kerry! Kevin

Santa Monica, CA
Kerry is a great guide. He is full of stories about the history of the region. He has tremendous knowledge of the natural environment. He was able to explain the various uses of local plants by native Americans. And he delivered all this with humor. I recommend Kerry.

Palm Desert, CA
Dear Kerry, Thank you for all the very interesting information about the geology of this part of the desert, and use of plants and flowers we saw on the trail. My friend and I would like to tell you how much we enjoyoed the hike. Thank you again and hope to see you soon. Beatrice

Los Angeles , CA
Wonderful tour! So informative and a great experience! Thank you Kerry!

Seattle, WA
We had a wonderful nature walk/geology and history lesson from Kerry at Two Bunch Palms in Desert Hot Springs. The one hour session lasted about 80 minutes, filled with fascinating details of the area, it’s cultural history and flora and fauna. We learned so much and enjoyed it immensely Kerry’s passion, enthusiasm and humour was refreshing and added to our enjoyment. If you get a chance to have Kerry share his substantial knowledge of the area, go for it.

Palm Desert, CA
Kerry, Thank you very much for the enjoyable tour. We loved it and appreciate your knowledge and sharing the information with us. The maps etc will come in handy. Kind Regards, Dennis

Sacramento, CA
Kerry, Thank you again for the educational tour. It was good to see you again and I learned a lot. I am impressed with all you do for your community. You are a good spirit and asset to the area. I also enjoyed reading your book. There is a lot of good in the book as well. Lets connect again for lunch or another tour. Best wishes, David

Stony Brook, NY
Kerry is incredibly gifted in sharing historic facts and stories of the Palm Springs region. We felt so comfortable with him, he was most thoughtful of our comfort, and I learned more in two hours than I had in the prior 15 years of coming to the area. A genuine “good soul”! I would recommend spending time with Kerry on any of the tours he does.

Santa Monica, CA
Kerry was fabulous!!! We learned so many interesting facts about the desert and the springs. But what we enjoyed most was his enthusiasm and his love for the place. Thank you Kerry for the great tour and also for your service to this country!

Los Angeles, CA
Kerry’s nature walk tour at Two Bunch was incredible! My husband and I were so excited to learn about the rich history of the grounds, as well as the flora and geology! Kerry was so engaging, and his robust knowledge made for such an entertaining and educational time. Thank you for an unforgettable experience, Kerry! It was such a delight ❤️

Kansas City, MO
Kerry does a great job of sharing the story of Two Bunch and the geological history of the southern california desert and the topography. His explanation of how Indians lived and took advantage of the plants for food, medicine and construction was fascinating. A really great experience.

Los Angeles, CA
Kerry’s nature walk of Two Bunch Palms was incredibly insightful and full of color. In the span of a little less than an hour my wife and I were able to learn the history of the property, the land around it, local legends, and of the native fauna and flora. Kerry also made the walk interactive and fun through his engagement asking and answering questions. Kerry made a point to remember everyone’s names as well, which we loved. Make sure to take his tour when you’re at Two Bunch!

Dear Kerry, I had the great pleasure of being guided on February 7th at Two Bunch Palms by you. Your walk and presentation of history, geology, and practical knowledge was extensive and most interesting. I will be sure to sign up for future walks when I find myself back in Palm Springs. Thank you kindly for your enthusiasm. With much appreciation, Lynn

Chicago, IL
Kerry was a wonderful, knowledgeable guide. He covered the history of the area, as well as the native and non-native plants. I even tasted palm fruit and learned that palms are part of the grass family. Now I know if you can hug a palm tree in California it is NOT native. Two Bunch Palms Resort is a beautiful place and Kerry’s tour enlightened my experience!

Roslyn, NY
Kerry has a wonderful personality and a wealth of Knowledge. It was an hour well spent! Al Capone…who knew!?

Palm Springs, CA
Dear Kerry, I greatly admire you. You have great enthusiasm for our desert. Your love of it shows with everything you do. Your lectures and tours are heartwarming and accurate. You invite listeners to learn about our environment and appreciate it. K Kieley

Mountain Center, CA
The Two Bunch tour by Kerry Berman was an absolute 10 out of 10! Kerry Berman is one of the most knowledgeable and entertaining tour guides that I’ve ever experienced. He possesses expertise in so many subjects… and presents it all in such a friendly and entertaining manner.

Costa mesa, CA
We took a guided tour around the 2 Bunch Palms property with Kerry. What a great time! The man has a wealth of interesting information and he presents it in an entertaining way. A true pro. It was a blessing to meet him. Go of your way to take one of his tours - you won’t be disappointed!

Los Angeles, CA
Kerrys your was one of the best parts on our recent trip to the Desert Hot Springs. He’s a wealth of knowledge, engaging, and inspiring all at the same time. We now are encouraged to look at things with a bit more detail than before. There’s so much around us that we don’t often see.

Los Angeles, CA
Kerry was awesome! So knowledgeable .. highly recommend the tour!

Seattle, WA
Kerry was great! Made such a special experience.

Laguna Beach, CA
Our tour was so fascinating and educational. My two daughters and I were very impressed with the quality of Kerrys presentation. Not only did we learn about the history of the area but we learned about myths and survival techniques used by the Indians. It is obvious Kerry loves his job and he makes is tours fun and so enjoyable! This is a must tour if you are in the area!!!

Lake Balboa, CA
Kerry is the real deal! Part nature guide, part anthropologist, part historian, and part geologist. Kerry brought the history and environment to life with is abundant knowledge and passion. Given the chance, I highly recommend you take his tour. I took the Two Bunch Palms tour and loved it.

Los Angeles, CA
Kerry Berman has a profound knowledge of the plants, geology, people and history that have shaped the beautiful and unique desert landscape of California. With deep and abiding respect Kerry shares his knowledge with signature humor and generosity. We can’t recommend taking one of his tours more highly; we left feeling wiser, happier and more connected to the spiritual presence of the desert. Highly, highly recommend!

Oakland , CA
Kerry was knowledgeable, enthusiastic and generous! If anythinthong he has too much information he is trying to impart - from Al Capone to the benefits of creosote. I throughly enjoyed our time together and recommend the experience.

New York, NY
I visited Two Bunch Palms and had the pleasure of joining Kerrys nature tour of the area. Kerry has an incredible talent of being educational yet entertaining. The group were engaged from start to finish, and I thoroughly recommend taking his tour for any visitors to Palm Desert.

San Diego, CA
Very informed and fun. Learned a lot

Napa, CA
My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our walking tour of the Two Bunch Palms area in Desert Hot Springs. I have been coming to the desert for many many years, but I was pleased to learn new things from Kerry. I especially liked understanding more about the aquifers and the hot and cold springs that run through the property. His demeanor is friendly and any group will find his tour informative and fun Thank you Kerry! 🌞🌵

Boise, ID
Hi Mr. Berman, this is JB and I ws with your group at Two Bunch Palms Today. I was the one in the back row and I finally got to ask my question at the end of the walk. I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful presentation, it was thoughtful, entertaining, and informative. Weve been coming here for a long time and there is so much we didnt know about the history and nature. I really appreciate your enthusiasm and passion for this special place. Thanks again, Joe

New York , NY
Super informative and fun! We loved learning about the history and plant life and tectonic plates around the area. Thank you Kerry!

Palm Desert, CA
Good evening Kerry: You had a great turnout tonight, congratulations. You came across very well read on this topic, (geology & water in our valley) extremely informative and also enjoyed the humor that was timely and funny. Well done my friend!!! Doc Joe

Palm Desert, CA
Kerry, A belated note to tell you how much Rebecca andI enjoyed your presentation last night. So interesting and informative with tons of facts, dates, and numbers. No one but you could tell this history of Coachella Valley. Keep up the great work, Kerry. You are truly a professional. John & Rebecca

San Diego, CA
Kerry’s Nature and History Tour at Two Bunch Palms was informative and very enjoyable! He is an excellent guide and is so enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge. Highly recommend taking his tour!

San Diego, CA
Kerry’s tour of the Two Bunch Palms grounds surprised us. It was much more interesting and enjoyable than we expected, frankly. His knowledge (and especially his enthusiasm) for the local history and the geographical makeup of the area was terrific. The way he described how early native Americans used every plant we looked at made it very easy to picture what life must have been like back in those days. He also had knowledgeable answers for any questions we asked. It was obvious he loved his work, and that made it all the better. Plus, I earned $1.50 for answering his questions correctly! ;) Well done, Kerry. Thanks again!

Orange , CA
Kerry was very kind and gave us a very informative tour. Highly entertaining. Enthusiastic. And passionate. Great job!!!

Brooklyn, NY
We took the Two Bunch Palms tour with Kerry. It was a pleasure to learn so much about the local history and nature in the desert, including the hot springs. Kerry is great tour guide and his enthusiasm is wonderful too!

Desert Hot Springs, CA
Dear Kerry, You never cease to amaze us with your wonderful, enthusiasm, and knowledgeable presentations. Even the old time Desert Hot Springs residents learned something new..Thank you for giving your time to educate us to the wonderful attributes of our area. Everyone enjoyed having you. Thanks, again for all you do to promote our community. S.H. Program Chair for the Desert Hot Springs Womens Club.

San Diego, CA
Kerry is extremely knowledgeable about the entire area - its history, geology, and animal and plant life. He was extremely engaging and welcomed questions and we finished the one hour tour with a great understanding of the area.

Cathedral City, CA
Hi Kerry, I just finished reading your book for a 2nd time. Many things moved me. You evidently had an exciting life. I always believe our lives make us what we are today. You have always been a good friend. I love your integrity that never changes. Thank you again for mentioning me. I read again what Khal wrote. What a nice tribute to you. Im sure you have changed many lives, you have grown wiser! I always say God has a plan for me, I just dont know what the heck it is... I cherish our friendship (did I already say that)? I would say you are my best man friend. Im honored to be your friend. God Bless you and keep you healthy for the rest of your days, may they be long. Hugs, Janis

La Quinta, CA
Dear Kerry, Thank you!! And thank you for being such a tremendous mentor. I learned so much from you. E.O.E.

London, CA
Dear Kerry, Thank you, thank you, for giving Cathy and I the most AMAZING DAY!! We both had such a wonderful time learning about and experiencing the REAL BEAUTY of the Coachella Valley and cant thank you enough. You have such a passion for what you do and it shines through in the way you expertly guided us through the tour. We havent stopped talking about it since we got back. Heartfelt thanks again, Bliss Babe

Los Angeles , CA
We absolutely loved this book. So full of wisdom and joy and curiosity - will be recommending to many of our friends. Kerry is so gifted!!!!

Palm Springs, CA
Kerry: Your presentation Creation of the Coachella Valley on Thursday was perfection. You did a marvelous job. I am so proud of you and your work. KH

Desert Hot Springs, CA
Dear Kerry, Thank you so much for sharing your book with me. I was fascinated how you condensed the importants parts of your life in 99 pages.! Needless to say it held my interest, and I couldnt put it down until I finished it. Your writing is so genuine, I felt like I was sitting down and haveing a conversation about your life. The honesty, the sadness, the struggles, the wins and your courage to stay positive through the war, heartbreak, jobs, love, and your wonderful son and his family. I will treasure my autographed copy. Huggs, D & S

Palm Desert, CA
Hi Kerry: Just wanted to say thank you for the tour of the wind mill farms this morning. As always, you are a wealth of information. Look forward to seeing the photos. Sincerely, Becky

Los Angeles, CA
This was an excellent history and nature tour! We had a ton of fun!

Pasadena, CA
I had a great experience, Kerry is a great guy. You will enjoy all the interesting and beautiful facts about the dessert and the hotel. I highly recommend to take this tour.

Two Bunch Palms, CA
Very enthusiastic. Very knowledgeable. Love him.

Los Angeles, CA
Kerry is a great guide!

Charles and Talia Faramo
Lakeland, FL
Kerry was absolutely amazing! My husband and I were the only ones on the tour and it felt like the VIP tour!! Kerry is so knowledgeable and made it fun for us! He rewarded us for asking questions and getting answers to his! He even accommodated me by sharing as much as he could but making sure he kept us in the shade because I had a sunburn from the day before. We could have listened to him talk for hours. He was such a down to earth guy and his tour was so exciting and creative! We loved every minute of it and was happy we got merry all to ourselves! Highly highly recommend taking a tour with him!

The Palms at La Quinta
La Quinta, CA
Hello Kerry... In all Honesty you are one of the coolest guys Ive met here in the desert. I cant express how much we appreciate you, your knowledge and your passion for what you do. Well look down the road for another time we can get you here. Remember... youve got friends here:) D.Wells / Manager The Palms at La Quinta Gracious Retirement Living

Skye OY
San Francisco, CA
Had an amazing nature tour with Kerry. Kerry knows all the history and ecosystems of desert and is an awesome storyteller. I can definitely see how much he loves his joy and hope he can share his knowledge for another 7 years and more!

Steve G
White Plains, NY
Amazing experience. Kerry is passionate and knowledgeable!!!

Jeff Bowman
Desert Hot Springs, CA
Kerry knows his stuff - the History of Desert Hot Springs, Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley as a whole! I took the tour at Two Bunch Palms and it was outstanding. His knowledge of the plants, animals, aquifers and the amazing history just flows out of him. What I appreciate is that he doesnt embellish history but just states it in a fun and enjoyable way. Thanks Kerry for bringing our area alive! Jeff Bowman, former Desert Hot Springs Historical Society President.

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